A word with myself, please

Let’s just jump straight to it…

Self pity is not an attractive trait. Feels good at the time, but not worth the effort.

No one wants or deserves to be drained by the company of a negative, whiny, grumpy, not even you so GET OVER YOURSELF!
Complement seeking is counter-productive, STOP IT!
Approval seeking is even dangerous, what length would you go to get it? ENOUGH!

Just accept it, you’re not as nice as you would like, at least not all the time, you’re no way near perfect but that’s pretty much most people and THAT’S OKAY!
Why is what she/he/they think so important? You do realise that there are billions of people on this planet and some will just not like you and for no reason at all. ITS FINE!

Admit it, you feel that way about some people and you don’t have a valid reason either and THAT’S LIFE!

Okay you’ve done and said some mean things, some forgave, others didn’t, blah blah blah… can I just say MOVE ON, if for no other reason because LIFE GOES ON.

Stop retelling the same sorry story to whoever will listen, people CANNOT make you feel better about yourself that’s something you need to work on and it takes time. Give yourself some time and love yourself in the MEANTIME.

Now, relax you’re not a robot. No one is judging you, and even if they are good for you. That in itself is A COMPLIMENT. Enjoy life ‘cos it’s FLIPPING HAPPENING right now. WAKE UP!

You don’t have the best situation neither do you have the worst. SNAP!!

Laugh out loud as much as possible…too many sad s#$t going on all around, don’t make it YOUR SAD S#$T. Learn to separate it from your reality and in fact pray it doesn’t become YOUR REALITY.

Work to get over your sad (inadequate) childhood. Create an EPIC adulthood.

Make love like you don’t care, kiss him/her till they need to catch their breath.

No one deserves to have your sorry story offloaded on to them…say it once and let it go.

These people have NO IDEA just like you and honestly they can’t really help but YOU CAN!

Now read this again until you GET IT.